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4 August 2010

Elysium v 3.4 mapped new dungeon : Sprinkle Cove at east elysium

8 Juni 2010

Penumbra v 2.0 all areas are mapped with mobs, quests and loot. The colored text refers to the legend. All static dungeons are mapped. 

7 April 2010

Scheol v 4.0: all areas are mapped with mobs, quests and loot. The colored text refers to the legend. I tried to include all the scheol quests with special loot and i put a link to ao universe. All pictures are linked together to navigate easily inside the guide. All dungeons are mapped again to get a direct and complete view of them. 

I hope you ll enjoy it and will be glad to get more informations to update it later


27 March 2010

v 2.1 Nascence: More loot and informations about the quests.

I'm working at moment at a new Scheol's version

21 March 2010

v 2.0 Nascence: mapped all areas and static dungeons again. Added pictures of all areas and more information concerning quests and loot. Added links between the pictures to navigate more easily. 
Thanks to Vanitra for the informations concerning Nascence.

12 March 2010

v 1.4 Inferno: Mapped all areas, Redeemed and Unredeemed Temples. More loot added. New background colour

5 March 2010

v 1.3 Inferno: Mapped Inferno north-west area Oasis, Inferno Frontier and Razor's Lair

1 March 2010

v 1.2 Inferno: Mapped all inferno's static dungeons. Mapped Inferno south-east area and Xark' Lair. Added links inside the page to make it more confortable to use

23 Februar 2010

v 1.1 Inferno: Added 2 dungeons : Hidden Pass Hideout and Notum Mine. Changed the colour of redeemed and unredeemed to refer to the colour of the garden keys. Now redeemed are blue and unredeemed are orange (I hope AO will change the colour of the mobs which is not logical on the map). Changed the main picture to make it more confortable to use

19 Februar 2010

v 1.0 inferno

17 Februar 2010

After months of  eclipse (thanks to aodevs.com to have made a mirror of the guide), I subscribed for a cheaper  domain aoaquarius.de and will actualize little by little this SL guide.

I ll put now the unfinished  version of Inferno in the guide. I worked especially on burning marshes and mapped almost all dungeons there except the redeemed one Sleight of Hand. I tried to put a new look on the guide of inferno and will be glad to know if you like  it and get some advise for further updates. Please mail me at 3erdus@gmx.de

I m actually working on mapping the other parts of Inferno

Naphtaline (Boogaloo, Origan)